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Vladimir Foygelman Biography

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Vladimir Fogelman was born in Kiev, Ukraine.  He graduated from Kiev University of Arts and Culture in 1989 with a Master’s Degree in choreography and administration for community and sport centers.

In 1990, Vladimir founded The Children’s Jewish Dance Group, Yonteff (Holiday), which was the first Jewish children’s dance group in the former Soviet Union.  He directed Jewish festivals, concerts and Jewish holiday celebrations in Ukraine.

In 1993, with a group of Jewish young adults, he started the congregation of Reform Judaism, Ha-Tikvah.

As Program Coordinator for the JOINT office in Kiev, he developed the Kiev City Jewish Club for Young Adults, where he planned and coordinated the Jewish Folk and Israeli Dance seminars as well as the educational and cultural programs.

He was the Founder and Executive Director of the Jewish Art and History School at the Israel and Information and Cultural Center at the Embassy of the State of Israel to Ukraine/Kiev, Ukraine.  Vladimir developed the school’s teaching programs in collaboration with and support from the Israel Folk Dance Institute in London, educational programs from the Jewish Agency for Israel, and JOINT.

Since 1997, after his arrival in the United States, he has produced and directed the Annual Artistic Hanukkah Festival in Boston, which has become a successful annual cultural event in the Russian-Speaking Jewish Community of Massachusetts.

In 1999, Vladimir was invited to work at the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts as Director of Programs for Russian-Speaking Jews. 

In 2001, after the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts developed the Russian Jewish Community School (RJCS), Vladimir became its Principal. 

In 2005, with the help of CJP, SCM and other Jewish organizations in Boston, Vladimir established the Jewish Educational & Cultural Center, MAKOR, and became its President and CEO.



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