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10/05/2017Dine Under the Stars

Join us for our annual community Sukkot gathering—its always a highlight of the year...

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10/04/2017Fall 2017 Learning and Learning Guide

Download the learning guide for the fall of 2017 in PDF....

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05/15/2017The Omer Match Project

Counting Day 31 - Just 2 more weeks!Why do I give?  “This is a way to invest in an Americ...

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05/12/2017Lag B'Omer Picnic

Lag B'Omer PicnicRain plan: Meet at KI in Landers HallThis Sunday, May 14Looks like rain! We wi...

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05/10/2017Teen Events at 384 Harvard Street

 Celebrate Havdalah: For Juniors & SeniorsThis Saturday, May 13 in Novakoff Hall7:30&m...

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05/02/2017Moving forward with Phase 2

Announcing Phase 2! Phase 2 receives unanimous approval!On April 23rd, the Board of Trustees o...

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04/26/20179th annual Community Tikkun Leil Shavuot

04/06/2017Let’s Discuss Toddlers

03/29/2017Dr. Rachel Adelman

03/23/2017Shabbatune & AcapellaFest

03/22/2017CMT Israeli Affairs Committee presents two Outstanding Speakers


This year I decided to attend “Limud” Conference at Princeton. “Limud” is ...

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03/04/2013The Nature of Purim Holiday

The Nature of Purim Holiday is a mascarade, or change of the roles. As it was written in Meggilat Es...

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01/30/2013Tu B'Shewat

Our Jewish tradition compares a person to a tree. As a tree we need roots and foundations, so we can grow and develop if nurtured properly. This rule is especially applicable for children, whose enormous potential, growth and development depends on our investments. Therefore, in Jewish tradition the tree has such an important value.

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06/08/2012Center Makor Seeks for Blog Writers

 Center Makor has just got a new look and a new Blog.

But this blog is empty! We need your help to create a great blog atmosphere at Center Makor.

We invite you to submit your blog entries at any time. Let's Make Fun!

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