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02/22/2018Give Pints for Half Pints

The Campus Brotherhood invites you!For the benefit of Boston Children's Hospital's"Give Pints f...

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02/12/2018Purim Party and Kids' Purim Carnival

10/05/2017Dine Under the Stars

Join us for our annual community Sukkot gathering—its always a highlight of the year...

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10/04/2017Fall 2017 Learning and Learning Guide

Download the learning guide for the fall of 2017 in PDF....

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05/15/2017The Omer Match Project

Counting Day 31 - Just 2 more weeks!Why do I give?  “This is a way to invest in an Americ...

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05/12/2017Lag B'Omer Picnic

Lag B'Omer PicnicRain plan: Meet at KI in Landers HallThis Sunday, May 14Looks like rain! We wi...

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05/10/2017Teen Events at 384 Harvard Street

 Celebrate Havdalah: For Juniors & SeniorsThis Saturday, May 13 in Novakoff Hall7:30&m...

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05/02/2017Moving forward with Phase 2

Announcing Phase 2! Phase 2 receives unanimous approval!On April 23rd, the Board of Trustees o...

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04/26/20179th annual Community Tikkun Leil Shavuot

04/06/2017Let’s Discuss Toddlers

03/29/2017Dr. Rachel Adelman

03/23/2017Shabbatune & AcapellaFest

03/22/2017CMT Israeli Affairs Committee presents two Outstanding Speakers


This year I decided to attend “Limud” Conference at Princeton. “Limud” is ...

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03/04/2013The Nature of Purim Holiday

The Nature of Purim Holiday is a mascarade, or change of the roles. As it was written in Meggilat Es...

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