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The Omer Match Project

Counting Day 31 - Just 2 more weeks!

Why do I give?  

“This is a way to invest in an American Jewish future that is collaborative, moderate, traditional, inclusive, welcoming, optimistic, vibrant, and embraces Israel. Our family is looking forward to praying, rejoicing, singing, eating, learning, running through the hallways, and connecting with old and new friends in
a renewed space."

-- Ira Stoll and Aliza Phillips-Stoll, Donors

Help us finish the KI Next capital campaign!


By giving today, you can make 
twice the impact.  

A group of generous sponsors has pledged to match all donations up 
to $1.5 million, but only through the end of the Counting of the Omer.

Your pledge can be paid over 5 years,
but by pledging now your support is doubled.  

Please help us reach 100% participation by giving whatever you can.

Help us finish the journey.  

Please give today.

Donate online at
or call the main office at 617.277.9155

The Omer Match Project
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