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Children of Sderot program: Urgent Appeal

Inessa Rifkin, Member of RJCF Board of Directors,
Founder of Russian School of Mathematics

  Sderot Children 
 Sderot Children

Message to the Community

Dear friends,
It has been 8 years already since we started our program in Sderot. In this short period of time it has been a very successful and valuable program for the children in Sderot. They are once again dreaming about the time when counselors from Boston will take them to 2 weeks of paradise. Over the years you all have been big supporters of the program. 
I really hope you will support us again. Believe me, we are making sure that all your dollars are very well spent and no one working on this program on the American side is profiting from any of donation dollars. We are all doing it for for 4 reasons only: we can help, we want to help, they need our help and the program is really working.

Every donated dollar will be matched by Zionist House, up to $10,000.
I hope you will find the cause important and worthy of your attention.
Please donate to and do not hesitate to ask any questions.
Thank you,

Inessa Rifkin
Chair of RJCF Children of Sderot Committee
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