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Wedding in California Suite

What happens with a family having a nice Wedding at the California Suite when a famous guest frets over her Oscar nomination as her gay husband, the bride’s cousin, comes out of the closet; meanwhile, the groom’s uncle from the father’s side wakes up with drunk prostitute in his bed, moments before the arrival of his wife; at the same time, the bride’s uncle from the mother’s side, the  famous Hollywood  producer, is determined to seduce his old flame - the married mother of three from their little hometown; worst of all, the father of the bride and his wife struggle to get their daughter out of the locked bathroom and back to her wedding! Come and see the most funny play of the years!

Please do not miss the event. Wine and wedding cake for free at the break!

 The best of the comedies of Neil Simon! Very funny and little juicy . Just little, but no kids please!  

get tickets for advance, places are limited

Wedding in California Suite
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