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SOLD OUT: Jookender Family Camp

Sold Out 

Welcome to Jookender Family Camp. You may choose living in "Luxury" Unit, Bunk House, or in your Tent. Your price includes 2 nights of stay, 6 Delicious KOSHER (CERTIFIED) Full Meals, unlimited snacks, all children and adults’ activities and equipment. Bring your own Alcohol and be prepared to share. No need to hide! Drink openly, but responsibly. 

Once you choose your lodging, you'll be able to register youself and other family members. 

The address is: 23 Gibbs Rd. Middleboro, MA 

Check in: September 8, 6:30pm 

Check out: September 10, 5pm 

Registration is open until August 10, 2017. No more new registrations or adds-on accepted after that date! 

In September, it'll be our 3rd time running a family camp on the base of Camp Avoda. Our camp is build on volunteers and community lay leaders who would come together to create great team building activities for us and our kids. our Volunteers are - US (me, you, them). You, your friends, my friends - all may become volunteers and help at the camp. In fact, we rely on you and your tallents. Although, not reimbursed financially, we offer our Program providers and FT volunteers free camp stay/food, and ability to participate in all activities, when they are not leading their own. So, please, spread the word, contact Sasha if you think you may offer anything to the camp. 

Curious about the program? It has not been finalized just yet. But you're more then welcome to check out our last year program:

No matter where you stay, please bring folding camping chairs with you. They become useful, here and there... 

If you have your own Fishing Poles and Tennis Racquets - bring them with you, as well. The camp has some stuff, but after their active summer time, it may not be in a perfect condition. 


Luxury Units - each family is getting 2 rooms. One for Parents, one for kids. Parents room have a queen bed, and children room have twin Matresses. Luxury units also include full private bath, wall or window a/c, and build-in heating solution. Some units also have refrigerator and microwave. Each family is asked to bring their own bedding and linen sets. We only have 5 units, so make your mind quick! 

Bunk Houses - Families are housed together in bunk cabins, generally with 1-2 families per room. Shared bathrooms are located inside the bunks. The bunk beds are a small twin size with modest mattresses, and each family is asked to bring their own bedding, Toiletry. and Linen Sets. The cabins have shelves for storage, electricity, outlets, and small electrical heaters. .

Tents - You bring your own tent and everything you always bring for camping with you, except for food, grill, or fire pit. 

Full family (Mom, Dad, Kid(s))will be placed in their own room/bunk house wing. If only 1 parent + kids coming, we’ll match gender of parent and kids, and place 2 such incomplete families in one room/bunk wing.

Grandparents you add, will be placed in your Lux or bunkhouse room, or will be assigned to your tent. All participants, even those that allowed to come free, should register. Please first register yourself (a parent), and then, everyone else in your family including grandparents. If you register yourself first, the system will automatically assign status of "FREE" entry to grandparents. However, if you start with a grandparent - the system will show a full adult price for him/her. 

All food will be provided. 6 full meals, snacks in-between, and coffee/hot water/tea available in the dining room all the time. At night, we'll have potato ready to be baked, and Marhmalow for the Community Firepit.  

Activities included, but not limited to swimming, kayaking, climbing wall, voleball, tennis, ping pong, basketball, hockey on the grass, soccer, team building, arts and crafts, woodworking, and much, much more. 

All kids under 15 - considered Children and need child ticket. 

All kids 15+ have a choice to participate as adults (in adults activities) and pay for their tickets as adults, or join our Volunteer Squad and and help us to create an unforgettable exprience at the camp. With Volunteering, your participation in this event costs nothing. However, Sasha will need to know if you're planning to Volunteer and assign you to different volunteer's activities you'll be able to perform along or in pair. You'll be assigned to a team, and your registration will go through this team. You'll be getting a Community Hours letter with coverage of up to 30 Community Hours included. 

Children under 3 y.o. come free, but need to be registered in the general registration form.

Grandparents come free with paying parents and kids. 

Anybody, registered as one family - will be living together in one unit. 

Food Alergies? Let us know asap! There is a field in the form asking about them. The kitchen will try to accomodate all common diets, such as, Gluten, Lactose, Diabeties, etc. 

Refund Policy: 

30 days or more - 100% 

less than 30 days - $75 per family will be withhold. 

Any questions? visit our discussion group: 

or email Sasha: 

Please, register each family separately or you’ll be assigned all together in one room or tent. 

Please, note: Early Birds Special is until June 30, 2017. The prices will go up $15-$50 per person right after that date. 

So, let's the Journey Begin! 

SOLD OUT: Jookender Family Camp