Hamsa Light Switch Cover


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These beautiful light switch covers with hamsa design are made by clay artist Yuliya Shulman.

The covers are hand-decorated with polymer clay folded to form an intricate checkered ornament.

They will brighten any child’s room or a nursery, make an excellent gift for a kid or expecting parents, and are suitable for children 0-120 years of age.

The palm-shaped decoration on the light switch cover is a hamsa – a palm-shaped amulet popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa. In Judaism and Islam people commonly use it in jewelry and wall hangings. The image depicts the open right hand. Throughout history it has served as a sign of protection in many societies.  The hamsa provides defense against the evil eye, and the eye, often placed inside the palm, increases the effect.

The light switch covers with hamsa design are the standard 1-gang type that fit standard US/Canadian 1-gang light switches. The hamsas are stamped with the artist’s initial – letter “Y”. The packages include mounting screws, though mounting screws from your old light switch cover should fit just as well. The covers are easy to clean – just wipe them with a damp cloth.

Buying this painting you’re helping Center Makor and the people of Israel. Proceeds will be donated.

Materials: polymer clay, metal base.

Product color may slightly vary due to different monitor settings.

The artist can be reached through her website, Clay with Style.


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