Artistic Hanukkah 2020

23rd Annual Artistic Hanukkah Festival

From Center Makor and its partners

Chaverim! Friends!

This year

The 23rd Annual Artistic Hanukkah Festival

will be held online

Unfortunately, this year we cannot run the festival in its usual format. That is why we decided to bring you some memories from past festivals. Today we are presenting the Annual Artistic Hanukkah Festival of the year 5778/2017. We are sure that you will enjoy it, like those who came to the Festival the Musical Performance by Jacob Konviser, violin & Mariana Popzlateva, the opera singer from Los Angeles, CA.

We will present you artists, artisans, and performers from our Jewish community. You will enjoy unique artworks in various media: paper, clay, dough, watercolors. And of course, our musicians and singers will grace our festival with their performances.

Festival is free, and while we do not ask you to buy any works of art, we definitely encourage you to consider buying from local artists this season.

Center Makor appreciates your generous support. Your contributions are tax-deductible.

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Hanukkah Greeting from rabbis Rodkin and Noginsky (in Russian)

Hanukkah Concert


Artists and artisans of our community

Yuliya Shulman – Clay with Style
Colorful home and kitchen accessories, jewelry, Judaica – polymer clay and flight of fantasy!

Luda Levy – Alma Original Art
Customized and personalized wall art and Judaica.
Quilling or paper filigree – an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs.

Polina Dorosinskaya
Polina Dorosinskaya is an artist working with oil and watercolor paints. She combines classical, impressionism and modern approaches to art making. She specializes in portraiture, still life and landscape paintings. She also runs her souvenir shop where everyone can find something special for a gift!

Amy Weiss Design
Artistic cards, gifts, and decorations

Inessa Ostrova
3D Origami

Sara Rodkin
Challah baking classes

Frann Addison Judaica
Metalsmith creating one-of-a-kind Judaica, incorporating interesting pieces from antique shops and flee markets into her creations in pewter, brass, and copper.

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