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Why support us?

Your support will ensure continuation of our original community-wide events and programs, such as the unique Family to Family Program, the Community Seder, the Annual Artistic Hanukkah Festival – one of the oldest Hanukkah festivals in the US! – celebration of Jewish and Israeli holidays, and much, much more.

How do we use your donations?

  • We cover the cost of the space used by our community studios, clubs, theaters, performers, and special needs groups and offer it for free or at a minimal charge.
  • We organize events and programs for our seniors, families, and teens.
  • For your protection, we hire security guards during all public events and purchase liability insurance.
  • We serve as a fiscal agent for community groups without non-profit status and help to apply for grants.
  • We buy and store the equipment used at events.
  • We hire professional help on as-needed basis.

Please support Center Makor and you will be enrolled in our charitable raffle to win a painting, a jewelry item, and other fine arts and crafts donated to us by artists and artisans from our community. More information on the raffle will be posted on this page in a few days.

Thank you!

Center Makor Board of Directors


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You can also wire your donation using Zelle to 617-771-4870.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Your generous support will help our mission
to stimulate and grow a strong Jewish identity
through enthusiasm for the Jewish culture among the Russian-Speaking Jews
and integration with the mainstream Jewish community in Massachusetts.