Sponsor a Soldier

This program is organized by Protect a Volunteer.

The needs of soldiers and other volunteers in Ukraine are ongoing.  Ukrainian soldiers need support, but there are also many American (and other) military veterans who are volunteering to fight and assist in Ukraine.

These foreign volunteer soldiers self-mobilize and spend much or all their own savings to equip themselves and travel to Ukraine, leaving jobs, homes, and financial security.

Protect A Volunteer is a program that matches soldiers and other volunteers (foreign and Ukrainian) with donors to assist with flight costs, lifesaving gear, medical kits, cold weather clothing, and other expenses.

Individuals or a group of people together could sponsor or “adopt” soldiers/volunteers.  There are volunteers actively waiting for donor support.  Sponsors know exactly where their money goes since Protect A Volunteer matches them directly to volunteers.  Volunteer ability to get to and remain longer in Ukraine is directly tied to donor support.  They can focus on staying alive and providing assistance, not fundraising, as many soldiers/volunteers are forced to do.

If you are interested in supporting volunteers, please fill out one of the forms at protectavolunteer.com/sponsor  You can visit their Instagram @protectavolunteer to see testimonials from people they have supported.

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