Vehicles of Light

Dear Friends. Please donate to the Vehicles of Light and repost as much as possible.

Vehicles of light

We are fundraising to buy cars for volunteers that are evacuating women, children and the elderly out of Ukrainian Hot Zones in Donetsk Oblast’ and Kharkiv into Western Ukraine. They also drive back much-needed supplies.

Please see the details on the Vehicles of Light Facebook page as well as the attached video.

My name is Oleg Shinkazh and i am working with Alexei Voronin (small business owner turned volunteer) on the ground in Ukraine. His organization currently has 7 cars and they are bravely evacuating people and bringing back supplies to Kyiv and Kharkiv Ukraine.

The funds will be used to buy more cars. Specifically, we are looking to buy Cargo Vans and Mini buses – vehicles that are optimized for efficiency and protection.

Donate Now!

Donate Now!

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