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Jobs Not War. Help Bring Ukrainian Teens to Massachusetts!

You’ve seen the horror in Ukraine. Bombings and bomb shelters. Thousands of deaths. Buildings reduced to rubble. Millions forced to leave home with only what they could carry, crossing war-zones.

A group of us — all immigrants ourselves — were moved to take action. So we set up JobsNotWar, an all-volunteer organization that is helping people fleeing the war in Ukraine to get resettled in other countries.  

We’re now helping bring four high schoolers from Kharkiv to attend private schools in Massachusetts. Before the war, these students were aspiring athletes, chess players, scientists, and dancers. Now, like most of the 5 million Ukrainian children who have fled their homes, they don’t have any ground to stand on and are left with no access to regular education. 

You can lend a hand. Several local private schools have generously agreed to cover tuition. Host families have signed up. Now all that remains is to cover the other expenses these kids face so they can study and live in peace:

  • Airline tickets
  • Health insurance
  • Clothes
  • Laptops
  • Phones
  • School books
  • Sports equipment
  • Incidental expenses

These students have lost so much. Now let’s give them a warm welcome to Massachusetts. Every penny of your donations will go to the students.

About us: JobsNotWar is an all-volunteer group helping adults and children fleeing the war in Ukraine to get resettled in other countries.

Center Makor is acting as a fiscal agent to raise funds to bring Ukrainian teens to Massachusetts.

All your donations are tax-deductable.

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