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What is Donors’ Community Fund, and what makes it so useful?

Our Donors’ Community Fund is a charitable giving account created under Center Makor, as a separate bank account. Instead of writing checks at the end of the year to different organizations, agencies and community groups, you write one check and deposit it in the Donors’ Community Fund. You will receive the full tax deduction for doing so, and then you can make grants to charities at your discretion on your own schedule.

At Center Makor Donors’ Community Fund we will provide professional management of your grant and will control and report directly to the donor how his grant is spent. You can create an account and get the tax deduction upfront, and you do not have to make grants until you are ready to do so. Setting up your account at a Donors’ Community Fund is a smart thing to do, especially in December, because your charitable giving is now managed through your own account, and you are not obligated to make grants until you are ready. Yet, you will receive all the tax benefits upfront. When you set up a Donors’ Community Fund account with Center Makor, you are not just an account number – you are a donor.

Through the Donors’ Community Fund you can choose any nonprofit agency, organization, and/or community group, especially if they do not have official nonprofit status from IRS. It is one simple and smart act, and you are well taken care of.

Your generous gift will support Center Makor for the work that we do with the Russian-speaking Jewish community in Massachusetts.

The Center Makor Donors’ Community Fund, present ways to support your favorite charity and save substantially on your taxes.

To set up an account, please contact our president, Vladimir Foygelman, at 617-771-4870 or

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