Passover Trivia Quiz

Unfortunately, no one answered all the questions correctly.

We thank everyone who participated in our quiz.


  1. What is the English name for Pesach? Passover
  2. Who was sold to Mitzraim (Egypt) by his brothers? Yoseph
  3. What terrible thing happened to Yoseph (Joseph)? Thrown in prison
  4. The Torah forbids the mere posession of chametz even if one doesn't eat it. True of False? True
  5. Even if you miss a tiny crumb you have transgressed. True of False? False
  6. One may not even eat a tiny crumb. True of False? True
  7. Areas of the house that you will not be touching only need to be checked for the large olive-sized pieces. True of False? True
  8. What's the gematria (nuberology) of the word Peasch in Hebrew? 148
  9. How many days does the Counting of the Omer last? 49
  10. The miracle of hail was frozen hail amidest fire. True of False? True
  11. What does the salt water remind us of? Tears of sadness from slavery
  12. How many seders do people have in Israel? In the USA? 1, 2
  13. What's the Hebrew date of Pesach? 15th of Nissan
  14. What happened to the waters of Mitzraim (Egypt)? Turned into blood
  15. In the morning of Erev Pesach, what do we do with any last pieces of chametz that we have to remove? Burn them
  16. How did Hashem appear to Moshe the 1st time? In a burning bush
  17. How many piecews of bread do we put out for bedikat chametz? 10
  18. What should be used in search for chamets? Feather, spoon, and candle
  19. The Order of the Passover Seder is... Kadesh, Urchatz, Karpas, Yachatz, Magid, Rachtza, Motzi, Maror, Korech, Shulchan Orech, Tzafun, Barech, Hallel, Nirtza
  20. How many cups of wine must adults drink on Peasch? 4