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Our new recording studio, TipTop Studios, provides emerging artists the opportunity to embrace the world’s wide range of great opportunities to grow their passion. After all, no one can do everything on their own. Our studio acts as a partner to emerging artists to help show the best version of their art to the world.

TipTop Studios provides high-quality video and audio recording services to the musical artist and author community at reasonable prices. Therefore, we help our community celebrate exceptional talent and share artwork without breaking the bank.

We invite you to explore how our professional recording specialists will exceed your expectations with the high-quality equipment they use. Our pros use the best tools, including cutting edge microphones, video cameras, and editing software, and we get it all done at a great price!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We will not rest until you are TipTop satisfied with your recording.

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    At At TipTop Audio & Video Studios
    At At TipTop Audio & Video Studios
    At TipTop Audio & Video Studios
    Afanasy Prokhorov, Olga Lisovskaya at TipTop Audio & Video Studios
    TipTop Audio & Video Studios
    Alla Tsibulskaya and Boris Fogel at TipTop Audio & Video Studios