Yuliya Shulman. Clay with Style.

Yuliya Shulman - Clay with Style

Center Makor Presents

Shtot Fun Meysterz

Masterclasses and workshops from the best crafters
for kids and adults

Yuliya Shulman

Clay with Style

Yuliya is a very talented artisan who works with colorful clay and makes different and beautiful art, jewelry, and household and kitchen accessories.

In this program, Yuliya will show you how to make your very own and unique Mezuza box. Do it together with Yuliya, do it like Yuliya, do it better than Yuliya!

Good Luck!

For children’s convenience, the class is in English. However, the introduction is in Russian.

Please send us a picture of your Mezuza box to centermakor@gmail.com

You can view Yuliya’s work at claywithstyle.com

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