Yuliya Shulman

Yuliya Shulman, Clay with Style

I’ve always loved crafts. All sorts of crafts – knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery, macramé… I’ve always wanted to make beautiful things. It runs in the family – I learned most of those crafts from my mother and grandmother. When I was a kid, I dreamed about being a theatrical designer, but it didn’t happen… and now I’m trying to make that dream come true!

I first started making jewelry using beads – store-bought as well as home-found (don’t you love digging in your mom’s boxes?!) but then I discovered polymer clay and fell in love with this fun, versatile media that produces such bright, contemporary jewelry and fashion accessories. Beads didn’t go away completely, but still, nothing can compare with a chance to make something from scratch with your own hands!

And who says beautiful things have to be worn? I love being surrounded by them everywhere – kitchen, bathroom, living room… It’s such great fun finding new ways of applying these colorful patterns to various household accessories: modern utensils and serveware, cheerful light switch covers for a child’s room, coasters, candle holders, even shower hooks. And when the season comes, I always carry a selection of hand-made Christmas tree ornaments.

I specialize in contemporary polymer clay jewelry and fashion, household, and kitchen accessories. I also have a small, exclusive selection of bead crochet jewelry: necklaces and bracelets. Every item in my store is hand-made; no two pieces are alike. Your one stop shop for adventure inspired handmade goods and gifts!

You can view my work at claywithstyle.com. If you live near Newton, MA, you’re welcome to view my collection in person.

Yuliya is Center Makor webmaster; you can view her professional portfolio at yesiweb.com