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Informational Website For Russian-Speaking Community In Massachusetts
ESL- English As a Second Language - Makor - NatickKids Show: Noah's Ark
М.Москаленко и В.Труфанов - солисты ансамбля "Бархатный Сезон"Дорогая Памела или Как убить старушку
Дмитрий Быков - Все новое, лучщее и самое актуальноеArtistic Hanukkah - 18th Annual Festival
Hanukkah for Kids - 18th Annual FestivalGrand Hanukkah Party
Cup of the MaccabeesPurim Shpil Workshop
Animal Adventures comes to NatickChildren's Chess Club
Kids Birthday Natick MAMad Science After School Program in Natick, MA
Private Russian Lessons in NatickRussian School of Art in Natick
Russian School of Music in NatickThe Flower of Life - center of health and energy
Пинг Понг КлубESL- English As a Second Language - Makor - Natick

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Welcome to Center Makor, an Informational Website for the Russian-Speaking Community of Massachusetts. We are delighted to see you. Why choose Center Makor as the ultimate place to participate in a variety of Russian Jewish activities in Boston? Join our Russian Jewish Community of Boston, Massachusetts if:

  • You want to learn more about Russian Jewish Activities in Boston, MA.
  • You have young children ages 2-14 and you are interested in age-appropriate After School Activities.
  • You live in Boston, Brookline, Allston, Brighton, Newton, Needham, Lynn, Framingham, Natick, Burlington and surrounding areas.
  • You have great ideas for a new club or venture, or you want to participate in one of the 50+ clubs that are available now.
  • You speak Russian, and want your children to understand you better.

You can help to build a healthy and innovative Russian Jewish Community you’ll be proud of.