Family to Family

Bnai Mitzvah for your kid in Israel

As part of the

Family to Family Exchange Program

Center Makor offers you

Bnai Mitzvah for your kid in Israel

Boston, MA USA – Haifa, Israel

Save up to $1000 per person


A unique exchange program that will give your family an opportunity to know and love Israel from a different point of view…

Only participation in “Family to family” gives your child an opportunity to celebrate their Bar/Bat Mitzvah among his family and friends at the West Wall in Jerusalem.

Мы принимали семьи из Хайфы в июне-июле 2019 года. Семьи из Бостона поедут в Израиль в 2020 году, даты TBD.

Если семья желает, мы организуем Bar and Bat Mitzvah для детей 12-13 лет и старше, в Иерусалиме, у западной стены.

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