From Kyiv City Territorial Society

We received a thank-you letter from Kyiv City Territorial Society. Abridged English translation is ours; full Ukrainian text is below.

Kyiv City Territorial Society
Voluntary Formation “Free Ukraine” of the 112th Territorial Defense Brigade

Vladimir Foygelman (Boston, USA)
Commander DFTG
“Free Ukraine”, Kyiv
Colonel Zhuk K.O.

Dear Vladimir,

Voluntary Formation Territorial Society “Free Ukraine” and personally I express my respect and gratitude to you for helping Ukraine.

The soldiers of our Free Ukraine battalion, which is part of the 112th Territorial Defense Brigade in Kyiv, during the performance of combat missions, have been defending Kyiv and the Kiev region from the aggressor since the first days of the full-scale invasion.

The volunteer formation does not receive state funding and exists thanks to the support of caring Ukrainians and the whole world.

We are sincerely grateful for your assistance with the things that were used to cover the material needs of the unit.

Received 07/04/2022

Sincerely grateful for your help! Glory to Ukraine!

Thank-you letter from Kyiv City Territorial Society

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