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Donate to help Ukraine. Center Makor will send your donations where help is needed most.

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Center Makor is acting as fiscal agent for the following causes


Medical Supplies

Bringing Ukrainian Teens
to Massachusetts

Jobs Not War


Support Defenders

We will send all donations and will pay bank fees for electronic transfers if needed.

All reports will be publicly submitted, supervised, and controlled by Center Makor and the Ukrainian Cultural Center of New England.

We put together an informational page on resources for refugees. Hope it helps!

Refugee Resources

7 responses to “Help Ukraine”

  1. […] Support Ukraine through Center Makor: Funds will support logistical and medical support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. […]

  2. I have 3 unopened boxes of Victosa. It needs to be refrigerated. Where do I send it?

    • admin says:

      We do not collect medical supplies; we’re merely acting as fiscal agent for MA doctors who managed to organize shipment to Ukraine. If you have a Facebook account, you can find all the information at

      Here is the post, just in case:

      The 4th container is on it’s way! Thank you to everyone who donated, collected, packed, moved, loaded, unloaded, shared and did much more to help us to succeed! Every on of you are in my heart and all my friends in Ukraine appreciate everything you do!
      But can’t rest yet, we have to continue the effort. We realize, that after the Victory day for Ukraine our supplies will be needed over there, as much as now. Please continue spreading the word, sharing our posts, bringing us donations in person to our Needham address or through the Center Makor fund (!!!very important, please choose a “Medical Supplies” button on that page).
      The address for drop off
      Coldwell Banker
      1498 Highland Ave Needham
      Mon-Fri 9-5. Contact me if the hours don’t work for you.
      Here is the list of medication we are collecting now:
      • Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs
      • Tylenol
      • Antibiotics (Azithromycin, Augmentin, Levofloxacin, others)
      • Inhalers for asthma
      • Medications for diabetes (all types of insulin and oral anti-glycemic medications)
      • Antidepressants
      • Other
      Trauma care:
      • Saline 100 and 200ml
      • Sterile and non-sterile gauzes of all sizes
      • Elastic fixation bandages
      • Alcohol gauze pads
      • Multi- trauma dressings
      • Anti bleeding medications
      • IV kits and NS solution
      • Tourniquets
      • Other

  3. Natalia Boukharov says:

    Вы не могли бы отпостировать этот линк
    Это сбор теплой одежды для ребят которые мины обезвреживают. Вот пара историй

    Я получаю просьбы, покупаю что могу, отправляю в пересылочную компанию. Они пересылают в Украину. На зиму много теплого белья нужно. Сделала registry на Amazon. Все носки, рукавицы и подштанники оттуда сразу наравляются в эту пересылочную компанию и два раза в неделю в Украину (если есть что посылать).

  4. Natalia says:

    Я не правильную ссылку скопировала. Вот правильная

  5. admin says:

    Добрый день. Может быть, имеет смысл давать деньги, чтобы тёплое бельё шили прямо в Харькове?

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