The Jewish Art Initiative

Jewish Art InitiativeThe new way to more educated and appreciated Jewish Community in Greater Boston Area.

Jewish Art Initiative is a new project by Jewish Educational & Cultural Center Makor.

The major goal of the Jewish Art Initiative project is to unite different representatives from the Jewish artistic community of the Greater Boston Area into one active project dedicated to intensive learning and participation of the different parts of the Jewish community in promoting, studying and sharing great values of Jewish arts and culture.

Jewish Symbolism, Jewish Traditional Art, Folk and Contemporary Art, music, literature and dance all together are inspiring Jewish people to love their national visual and other arts. This project will share with children, families, young adults and general audience knowledge of Judaism, Jewish History, and Philosophy of Ahavat Yisroel.

Jewish Art Initiative represents a true goal of the Jewish community in Greater Boston of strengthening of different parts within community. Carefully planned events would be targeting Jewish mainstream community through the interactive learning process.

Through the Jewish Art Initiative project Center Makor together with partners will be able to attract more of those Jews who have not had a chance to participate in Jewish Community Life before as well as to inspire regular attendants to try something new. Volunteering and membership will be strongly encouraged for the purpose of our program’s growing success. These volunteers and members will be also encouraged to become active members of the planning and organizational committee.

Since art is generally considered a safe venue for personal exploration it will serve as a practical way for engaging through it people with little or no experience in becoming a part of Jewish Community. Through structurally organized events we aim to develop a cohesive cohort of members and volunteers. This project will create friendly and warm atmosphere and serve as “glue” connecting different segments of the Jewish community underserved by traditional programming.

We are proposing different approaches to get results of this Art Initiative more reachable through number of different events including, Art Evenings, Seminars, Workshops, Discussions and/or Panels, Active Exhibitions with workshops, and interactive art projects. As a finale of the calendar year we are planning to organize Jewish Community Day of Arts.

We are proposing to engage in this project wide variety of the specialists in different fields of arts Traditional, Folk, Contemporary, Visual, Virtual Artists, like professionals as so armature artists.

We would like to invite to work with us specialists in Jewish Traditional Crafts, Jewelry makers, etc.  For theatrical, musical and chorographical arts we will invite specialists in those fields as well. 

In many cases for an example like an exhibitions, paint bars, paint nights, etc. we are proposing include also performances by musicians, singers, dancers, actors or theater troupes or studios, etc. it will bring more diversity, and preachiness to these activities.

The Jewish Art Initiative is a joint partnership project.

Partners are:

  • Jewish Educational and Cultural Center Makor, project leading organization.
  • Congregation Kehillath Israel


Winter in the Shtetl

Creative Arts

Jewish Symbolism by Yuliya Shulman

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