Meet the Lehrmans

Meet the Lehrmans

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«Sunny Side Ups & Show»

Helene Willians and Leonard Lehrman

An interview with composer/pianist/translator leonard (“Lyonya”) Lerhman and his wife, soprano Helen Williams, who perform works in Russian and in English, by and in memory of Leonard’s father Nathaniel S. Lehrman (1923–2020), Aleksandr Blok, Joel Shatzky (1943–2020), Ilya Krichevsky (1963–1991), Joseph Pehrson (1950–2020), Ivan Krylov, Lawrence Ferlinghetti (b. 1919), Sergei Slonimsky (1932–2020), Natalya Medvedovskaya and her father Efim Medvedovsky (b. 1938), including the first recorded performance of Lehrman’s setting of “Kalinin Bridge” (1992), about the aborted coup against Gorbachev.

They also speak about Leonard’s mother, Emily Rosenstein (Lehrman) (1923-2015), Jr. Division Chair of Russian War Relief and interpreter for Solomon Mikhoels in Boston during World War II.

Host – Vladimir Foygelman, President of Center Makor.

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