MLK &amp Tu Bi-Shvat Day Camp

Fantastic Fun Filled Day of Celebrating Tu Bishvat & MLK!

Thank you to all the attendees and our awesome specialists who shared their expertise with us today! Stay tuned for another JEC (Jewish Experience Center) Vacation Day in April.

Toda raba to:
Vladimir Foygelman for Dance
Eric Greene for Jewish Music, MLK history, and planting parsley
Noa Sandra Vardy-Boros for cooking
Gali Gordon and the JNF for the Tu Bishvat Seder
Yuliya Shulman for clay sculpture
Chabad Shifra Schwartz for the Challah Bake
Shirah T. Rubin for organization
and Inspo Expo organizer, Hadassah Margolis
Co-Sponsored by KI & Center Makor.


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