Rabbi William Hamilton. Untold Story.

Rabbi William Hamilton. Untold Story.

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Rabbi William Hamilton

Untold Story

Our guest is one of the most popular rabies of the Greater Boston Area William Hamilton, Congregation Kehillath Israel, a celebrity of Massachusetts Jewish community.

  • Is rabbi a very serious or cheerful and “profoundly blessed” person?
  • Rabbi – “I did not leave Ha Kotel alone.”
  • Alexander Hamilton and William Hamilton, are they related?
  • We did speak about Judaism, Israel, and Jewish America.
  • The Campus – the new idea for the future style of Jewish communal life.
  • How to integrate different parts of the Jewish community into one community.
  • Is there a chance for Russian-speaking Jews and North American Jews to have a common future?
  • The crucial role of the Russian-speaking Jews in the creation of the North American Jewish community.

Most dynamic, warm, and honest conversation on the Sunny-Side Up & Show yet.

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Host – Vladimir Foygelman, President of Center Makor.

Production: Center Makor, 2020
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