Passover Seder Style Dinner

And there was the Feast of Passover. The people gathered at the invitation of the Center Makor for an unusual festive dinner in honor of the holiday this dinner was called the Passover Seder Style Dinner of Friendship, Unity, and Freedom.

And these people came from different cultural, national, and religious communities. And it was at a restaurant called La Voile in Brookline. Everyone reacquainted, talked to, enjoyed, and drank 4 and 1/2, for sooner freedom of all kidnapped Israelis, glasses of wine. We listened to the history of the exit of the Jews from Egypt, by the leading Seder Rabbi and Cantor, Oksana Chapman. Most importantly, no one makes the difference between Jew and non-Jew, Christian or Muslim.

But most importantly, no one was anti-Semitic.

So, at these crucial times for Jews, Vladimir Foygelman and the Makor Center held an action of friendship, understanding, joy, unity, and freedom. Only truly free people will ever be anti-Semitic.

We will be happy if you, free people, decide to join us next year.

Dear Vladimir and Center Makor,
Thank you for arranging the Passover Seder. It was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to meet new friends in a welcoming environment. Acting as one of the representatives of the local Ukrainian community was an honor. During the evenings program, I was especially intrigued with the notion presented that in addition to commemorating the Exodus from Egypt, each year’s Seder also allows everyone to evaluate what forces in their present-day life may hold them in unwanted bondage.
— Vsevolod Petriv

Photos: Vladimir Foygelman, Vsevolod Petriv

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