Shabbat with Holocaust Survivors

Dear friends,

We are glad to share with you that last Friday Center Makor renewed our Cultural Kabbalat Shabbats dinners after they were interrupted, for last couple of years.

It was the Shabbat Zachor, Shabbat of memory, before the Purim, when we do remember Amalek. The nation, which attacked Jews from the back, after they crossed the Red Sea.

This one was held at our new location on 384 Harvard St.

Our Guest Speaker was the Holocaust Survivor Semen Rudyak. Rabbi of the Congregation Kehillath Israel, William Hamilton, greeted whose who came.

Together with Semen we’ve listened to his friends and family.

It was a very emotional and warm evening.

Semen told us a story about Staro-Konstantiniv Ghetto, there he was living together with his family during accumulation by Nazis, when he was 9 years old, till liberation of the Ghetto.

After him members of his family red his poems and short novels about the Ghetto.

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