Tu B’Shevat at City of Masters

Tu B'Shevat at City of Masters

From Center Makor and its partners

Tu B’Shevat Sameach!

Celebrate Tu B’Shevat with us!

Watch our original program for the entire family – Tu B’Shevat at City of Masters.

Learn about the New Year of the trees and how to celebrate it.

Meet four Masters of four visual arts. Learn about four different ways to express yourself.

Create your art in four different types and styles or choose just one.

Watch on YouTube/Center Makor.

Host: Rebbetzin Sarah Rodkin
Artists, In order of appearance:
Polymer Clay – Yuliya Shulman, Clay with Style, claywithstyle.com
Challah Baking – Sarah & Shaina Rodkin, facebook.com/sara.rodkin
Paper Quilling Art – Luda Levi, Alma Original Art, almaoriginalart.com
3D Origami – Inessa Ostrova, iolandc21@gmail.com
Idea – Vladimir Foygelman
Artist – Yuliya Shulman, yesiweb.com

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