Winter in the Shtetl

Please watch Winter in the Shtetl video for our Jewish Art Initiative project!

Dear Friends, you are about to watch the video from the Winter in the Shtetl evening when Center Makor presented the new Jewish Art Initiative project. This celebration was a fundraiser for this new project, which drew up to $3000. More about this exciting initiative will be published soon in our blog on our Facebook page. If you like what you’ll see, please click Like after watching. If you think you can support this project form the bottom of your generous heart do it so at

Jewish Art Initiative is the new project by the Jewish Educational & Cultural Center Makor. The major goal of the Jewish Art Initiative project is to unite different representatives from the Jewish artistic community of the Greater Boston Area into one active project dedicated to intensive learning and participation of the different parts of the Jewish community in promoting, studying and sharing great values of Jewish arts and culture.
Jewish Symbolism, Jewish Traditional Art, Folk and Contemporary Art, music, literature, and dance all together are inspiring Jewish people to love their national visual and other arts. This project will share with children, families, young adults and general audience knowledge of Judaism, Jewish History, and Philosophy of Ahavat Yisroel.

Jewish Art Initiative represents a true goal of the Jewish community in Greater Boston of strengthening of different parts within the community. Carefully planned events would be targeting the Jewish mainstream community through the interactive learning process.

With sincere appreciation to all who helped this evening to be a success.

Congregation Kehillath Israel: Rabbi William Hamilton, President David Williams.

Center Makor:

Staff: Avivia Glukhovskaya, Olga Luylko, Yulia Shulman, Marina Tsarevska

Volunteers: Polina Dorosinskaya, Ilya and Sam Klebvanov, Tatyana Pisarevskaya

Help: Tatyana Dorosinskaya, Inna Moroz, Bella Ulis


MC: Dovlet Ovezov

Singers: Ziya Ovezova, Olga Lisovskaya, Lilianna Glick, Vladimir Federov

Dancers: Tatyana Held, Olga Lyulko, Vladimir Foygelman

Concertmaster: Boris Fogel

Poetry were read by Zhenya Zhuravleva, Nina Basanina, Anna Kaplan

Sound: Anatoly Grinberg

Videographhy by Eugene Foygelman

Center Makor is supported by Combined Jewish Philanthropies

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