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All classes at Makor-Natick, have been canceled on Saturday, January 24, 2015 due to severe weather conditions.
The makeup day is scheduled on 2/21.
FREE Audition and Consultation. Piano Lesson with Yelena NeplokESL- English As a Second Language - Makor - Natick
Piano Lessons on Sundays and Wednesdays with Yelena Neplok - NatickБлаготворительный кинопоказ в пользу Израиля
"Белоснежка""Лебединое Озеро"
Manul the Wild Cat"И душа с душою говорит" - Леонид Серебренников
Children's Chess ClubПинг Понг Клуб
Animal Adventures comes to NatickEarly Enrichment Program for 4.5-7 y.o.
Kids Birthday Natick MALEGO Down to the Science
Mas Science: NASA Academy of Future Space ExplorersRussian School of Music in Natick

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Welcome to Center Makor, an Informational Website for the Russian-Speaking Community of Massachusetts. We are delighted to see you. Why choose Center Makor as the ultimate place to participate in a variety of Russian Jewish activities in Boston? Join our Russian Jewish Community of Boston, Massachusetts if:

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