Meet Rabbi Mendel Gurkow

Meet Rabbi Mendel Gurkow

Meet the Rabbi!

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Rabbi Mendel Gurkow

Rabbi Mendel Gurkow was born on August 29, 1963 in the mattapen section of Boston. He received his elementary and high school education at the renowned Oholei Torah Yeshiva in Brooklyn, NY. In the spring of 1982 he was sent as one of six emissaries to teach at the Yeshiva College of Melbourne, Australia and helped invigorate and enrich the Jewish community. In the summer of 1987, Rabbi Gurkow started and led a community Shabbat Service at the Shaloh House in Stoughton, MA. He effectively recruited a fellowship for a weekly Minyan for Shabbat and Jewish Holidays.

Host – Vladimir Foygelman, President of Center Makor.

Sunny-Side Up

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