Sunny-Side Up

Sunny-Side Up is an initiative launched by Center Makor in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project consists of videos that feature interviews with community members, artists, and directors as they share stories and art, answer questions, and reflect on a myriad of subjects. Our goal is to connect our viewers to interesting people and foster conversations and collaborations — no matter where we may be located.

Finally, we call the series “Sunny-Side Up & Show” an indirect translation of the Russian “все о яичнице” or “all about fried-eggs.” In essence, while each of our videos discusses topics that seemingly may not have much in common, we tie them together by discussing the universal experience of consuming or cooking fried eggs. At the end of the video, each interviewee shares their favorite or traditional egg recipe. While eggs may seem like an odd choice to thematically center our videos around, we think of the fried egg as a metaphor. Through this act of sharing sunny-side-up recipes, we emphasize what we all may have in common — eating a fried egg while also highlighting the many forms both eggs, and our wider content — art, reflections, and thought — can come in.

Встречи с интересными людьми из нашей общины, интервью, размышления и рассказы об известном, интересном, еврейском и не очень еврейском… и о рецептах яичниц! А ещё искусство, песни, музыка, литература и многое другое.

Ольга Лисовская в программе «Всё о яичнице»

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